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OPEU Demands for School Reopening -- Sign the Petition

Oregon Public Employees United created this petition to support public school employees and protect school age children in this time of COVID -19. Find out more about OPEU here. Then sign the petition.

Oregon Public Employees United started this petition to Governor Brown and others.


Any return to on-site learning first requires that there are no new cases of COVID-19  in a school district’s surrounding counties for at least 2 weeks.  Once that requirement is met, strict measures must be put into place for the safety of all students and staff (particularly those in oppressed and high risk groups). These measures are necessary to assure that a return to school buildings will not have disastrous consequences for the people living and working in our communities, including essential workers, the elderly, and the immunocompromised. Going back to on-site learning without adequate safety measures would be an immoral decision, because the science indicates the statistical probability that staff, students and community members would contract Covid-19, resulting in long-term health complications and even death for many adults and children.

Until our demands for health, safety, equity, and investment have been met, distance learning, while far from perfect, is the only reasonable option. We acknowledge the burden that having children at home places on communities, and call for a moratorium on rent, mortgage, and utility payments, in addition to monthly stimulus checks for all families, until schools and workplaces can open safely.

For an in-depth look at our comprehensive list of demands for health, safety, equity, and investment, click here.

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