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Oregon Legislature Passes SB 283 to Study Effects of WiFi Radiation on Children (with video)

During the summer of 2018, David Morrison and Deb Mayer made the rounds visiting legislator after legislator in Salem to find sponsors for bills that would protect people, especially children, from the harmful health effects of WiFi radiation. Ultimately, they found a champion in Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson who suggested they write an evidence-based draft detailing the problem and possible solutions. With a little help from their friends and colleagues from across the state, nation, and world, Morrison and Mayer drafted three bills: SB 281 to label wireless digital products, SB 282 to limit students' use of wireless devices at school, and SB 283 to protect children from the harmful health effects of Wifi radiation. While the first two bills languished in committee, SB 283 garnered bipartisan support and passed unanimously. The bill becomes law August 9th. It is the first law of its kind in the United States.

SB 283 requires the Oregon Health Authority to review effects of exposure to microwave radiation in schools, and to develop recommendations for practices and alternatives that eliminate students’ exposures, no later than September 15, 2020. David Morrison, who has accumulated evidence on health risks of electromagnetic fields over the past 10 years is finally seeing his efforts pay off. During a March hearing, he displayed four boxes of documents representing the thousands of independent studies concluding WiFi radiation poses a threat to living things. Even though legislators continue to poke fun at the bill and its supporters, the bills creators couldn't be more serious in their determination to educate doubters. Protecting the health of our children is no joke.

Senate Bill 283

Chief Sponsors: Senator MONNES ANDERSON, Representatives KENY-GUYER, PILUSO, Sen. BOQUIST Sponsors; Representative SANCHEZ,, Sen. THATCHER, Sen. THOMSEN, Rep. GREENLICK, Rep. NOSSE

SB 283 directs the Department of Education to disclose potential health risks of wireless radiation, and to adopt guidelines on how to use wireless devices more safely.

Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson, a former public health nurse, introduced SB 283 during precession and has been an unrelenting supporter persevering until its passage. During a hearing in March, the Senator reminded her colleagues that they have a fiduciary responsibility to protect Oregon's children at school.

The following is a timeline of the proceedings that led to SB 283 becoming law.

Testimony under the heading of Meeting Materials may be viewed on the OLIS website.

80th OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY - 2019 Regular Session (March 27th)

Senator Wagner, Education Committee Chair, opens hearings on SB 283.

Prof. Paul Héroux, Professor of Toxicology and Health Effects of Electromagnetism at the McGill University flew to Portland from Montreal to testify on behalf of SB 283, only to return to Monreal the following day. Prof. Héroux developed a Unified Theory of Weak Magnetic Field Action that proposes A radical new outlook.

Professor Héroux's testimony begins at 1:19:26 mm. He is interrupted briefly by Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson who must rush to a committee meeting. His testimony continues at 1:28:08 mm.

Senator Laurie Monnes-Anderson introduced the bill as a legislator and retired public health nurse. Monnes-Anderson is also a former school board member and the mother of two children who attended Oregon public schools. She understands the strengths and weaknesses of our public education system and has become well versed in the potential risks of long term exposure to microwave radiation in the classroom environment and made a special appearance at the hearing to speak in support of the bill.

Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson begins at timestamp 1:24:50 mm and continues through !:27:38 mm.

David Morrison has accumulated evidence on health risks of electromagnetic fields, and his efforts are now allowing SB 283 to be voted on. At extreme left, he points to 4 boxes of documents accumulated in the last 10 years.

David Morrison begins at timestamp 1:30:18 mm

Cindy Franklin begins at timestamp 1:34:20 mm

Karen Josephson begins at timestamp 1:36:20 mm

Dr. Paul Dart, an Environmental Physician of Eugene,Oregon, makes invisible electromagnetic radiation visible using an instrument as he testifies before the Senate. The term Electromagnetic Medicine has, over the years, meant researchers in laboratories using electromagnetic radiation to treat diseases. Dr. Dart gives it a new, clinical meaning, in the protection of Lucia, 14 years old, who testified below.

Dr. Dart begins at timestamp 1:39:00 mm

Lucia, a minor, attended school while positioned just below a WiFi router.

At 9 years old, she became ill with nausea and rashes, and for over a year saw 7 doctors before her family realized that she was made sick by the WiFi radiation. Her mother switched her to the only school available that did not have WiFi, and she recovered. Graduating from her current school, she is now looking to continue her studies in an environment that will not make her sick.

Lucia begins at timestamp 1:41:35 mm

Karin Almquist begins at timestamp 1:24:50 mm

Additionally, testimony for SB 282 was heard that day. Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson, Angelica Ray Kugler and Deb Mayer testified.

SB 282 begins at timestamp 1:40:35 mm

During her SB 282 testimony, Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson informed the Education Committee that the Oregon Health Authority would do a study so the bill must move forward to the Ways and Means committee.

A detailed timeline following the progress of SB 283 can be viewed at the Oregon Legislative Information System website.

You may notice a common theme throughout

the testimony on these bills. Not one person

raised a voice against them.

So, what happened to SB 281 and SB 282 -- the labeling and screen time bills? They languished in committee and died there, but not before some pretty spectacular testimony of support. You may notice a common theme throughout the testimony on all of these bills. Not one person raised a voice against them. That being said, members from the tech industry were not absent. They could be seen occupying seats in the back row diligently taking notes during the sessions.

Below is more testimony for SB 282 It begins at the !:30:20 mm timestamp. Angelica Rae Kugler and Deb Mayer testify.

Read more about the the device that Mayer simulates in this article, "Headband that detects brain activity gets tryout in schools; goal is to improve student engagement". Mayer and her colleagues are perpetually perturbed that The Oregonian publishes stories like this one (which is nothing more than an advertisement for BrainCo.) and refuses to print stories about proposed legislation to protect kids from such devices.

The fate of SB 281

SB 281 was heard in the Environment and Natural Resources Committee.

Senator Mike Debrow opens the hearing on SB 281, a bill to require manufacturers of wireless products to provide warning labels and safety information to consumers.

Testimony begins at !:30:00 mm

Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson 1:30:20 mm

Deb Mayer at !:32:20 mm

David Morrison at 1:38:23 mm

The short life cycle of SB 281 may be viewed at the Oregon Legislative Information System website.

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