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Harmful WiFi Health Effects on Children

To avoid any misunderstanding of Parents Across America's stance on the use of computer technology, we want to make our position clear. We support the use of computer technology in classrooms and applaud the creative use of digital resources. The use of computer technology and access to the internet does not require the constant exposure of children to microwave radiation. Cords and cables (wireless connections) are the safest option for internet access. Just as we require children to learn how to safely use other forms of technology in auto, carpentry, electrical, welding, and home economics classes, we should educate children to use computer technology safely and wisely.

The increase of childhood cancer, auto-immune diseases, eye ailments, headaches, ADHD, autism, addiction, and behavioral problems at school demands that we act. Microwave emitting wireless devices including routers, laptops, tablets, smart boards, and cordless and cell phones were never pre-market safety tested for use in schools. Our actions were inspired by the work of those who have introduced legislation in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan. We hope our effort here in Oregon will build on their work to enact nationwide legislation. We expect resistance from the tech lobby and related well-funded industries and donors.

The health risks to children are too serious to ignore. As kids are required to spend more time on screen devices, public schools are reporting an increase in eye problems, memory deficits, and unique, sometimes violent, behavioral problems.

An increase in breast cancer in the bra area where girls carry their cellphones is prevalent. (Photo credit Environmental Health Trust )

Lower sperm counts result from boys carrying cell phones in their pockets. (Photo credit Environmental Health Trust )

Pregnant women must be informed about the risks to their unborn babies from radiation-emitting wireless devices. Watch a short video at the BabySafe Project .

Parents Across America Oregon is supporting three bills in the Oregon state legislature. SB 281 requires warning labels on wireless products. SB 282 requires screen time limits on the use of wireless devices in classrooms. SB 283 requires schools to replace dangerous microwave routers with safe, hard wired internet connections. We are working to pass legislation to protect kids. How you can help: Please consider sharing this blog with your co-workers, friends, and family on Facebook, email, Twitter, and text message. Each share makes a real difference! Thank you! One last thing, if you are engaged in this type of work, let us know. Leave a link in comments below.

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