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Do We Need Warnings on Wifi?

In February 2019, Joanne Zuhl reported this story In Street Roots about three bills related to the safety of wireless networks and digital screen devices. She asks the question, "Do we need warnings on wifi?" The short answer is a resounding YES! Parents Across America Oregon expresses its gratitude to Street Roots for having the courage to print this story when other media outlets have been reluctant to investigate the issue.

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About the Bills

Oregon lawmakers are pushing for guidelines on disclosing possible health risks from electromagnetic radiation in schools.Senate bill 281 asks for warning labels on cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other digital screen devices. Product manufacturers already issue some warnings. but they are hidden so deeply inside the devices that consumers often are not aware they exist. The bill also asks that salespeople be knowledgeable of the risks and be able to inform customers about ways to use devices more safely. Warnings would also include age recommendations and possible health risks such as vision problems, microwave sickness, and addiction.

Senate bill 282 asks that the Oregon Department of Education work with the Oregon Health Authority to examine the amount of screen time appropriate for children when working on lessons via wireless tablets and laptops at school. It asks that parents be informed of the health risks and given the opportunity to opt their children out in favor of activities that do not require extensive time spent on wireless screen devices.

Senate bill 283 asks that we move toward the goal of removing routers from schools and hard-wiring computers and all other screen devices so that children are not exposed to high levels of microwave radiation. The bill requires Department of Education to adopt guidelines for including in school curricula, assemblies, open houses, meetings between parents and teachers and related settings information concerning hazards of exposure to microwave radiation and how to use wireless devices more safely to reduce risk.

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