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Will 2019 Be the Year?

​​It's been 13 years since David Morrison enrolled his daughter in the idyllic setting of the Arbor School for Arts and Sciences in Tualatin. It's been a long and rocky road for Morrison trying to bring attention to the harmful effects of wifi radiation from cell towers like the one installed at the school soon after he enrolled his daughter there. This year he has authored a bill (below) requiring schools to protect students from the damaging health effects caused by the proliferation of wireless devices at school. Will this be the year Oregon acts to protect its children? This is his story.

I fell into the rabbit hole of the wireless threat when my daughter was going to the Arbor School in Tualitin Oregon. The school is in a rural location and available to families whose children are hand-picked and whose parents can afford the tuition. After she had attended the school for a couple of years, the owner installed a cell tower in the middle of the school grounds. This occurred the over the summer to avoid parental resistance. Appalled by this I began doing research and corresponding with scientists nationally and internationally. I found out there were thousands of studies spanning many decades showing dangerous biological effects of microwave radiation from cell towers and other wireless devices. I asked the owner of the school where she went for information that proved this technology was safe, and she said to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Cancer Society (ACS). I soon found out that WHO was compromised by having telecom industry scientists on its board. The ACS was similarly compromised by industry donations and had quarterbacked for the wireless industry for some time.

When I was satisfied that my daughter, a type 1 diabetic, was in serious danger, I removed her from the school and enrolled her in a public school near our house. I found out that the school had powerful, industrial strength wi-fi routers installed, even though they were not being used !! That is when I began my struggle to inform educators that this technology is not safe and that chronic long term exposure was life threatening.

I tried to discuss this with the legal department and other officials in Portland Public Schools but was repeatedly rebuffed. I told the PPS attorney I was prepared to sue the school on 14th Amendment grounds of being entitled to a safe environment for my daughter to attend school. I was still ignored and no one would talk to me so I filed suit in Federal Court against PPS.

Due to a technicality my claim was determined to be a claim against the FCC Safety Standards, and I was advised to file a complaint with the FCC. In his remarks, Judge Mossman said, "I gain no satisfaction from this ruling . . ."

I have since been working with legislators and advocates in writing legislation. One bill, now being introduced for the third time, seeks to rid schools of wi-fi routers and other wireless devices. The simple safe solution is to hard wire computers.

The problem is that industry has convinced educators that this technology is necessary to learn and have been writing curriculum that requires wireless tech. The federal government, captured by industry, has been funding the installation of wireless tech -- making it very attractive to states strapped for school funding. Industry and governmenbt have created a false educational paradigm that is now known to be harmful to learning, not helpful. There are over 200 studies that confirm this. However those in power choose plausible deniability by remaining ignorant of the facts. They don't realize is that wireless tech is not insurable and that school boards and state governments are liable for damages in law suits.

Read David's bill here.

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