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Education Is a Civil Right! We Will Not Give Up the Fight!

"And how are the children doing?" This traditional greeting of the Maasai people in Africa asks after the well-being of the children. The meaning behind the response, “All the children are well,” highlights the importance of efforts that improve children’s well-being. Portland Parent Union asks the question as it presents its annual event in collaboration with Dignity in Schools Campaign and Parents Across America.

The event will begin on Friday, August 17th with a rally and march and culminate Saturday, August 18th with a gathering of families and community supporters spending the day together to share their experiences and respond to the question, "How are our children doing?" The theme for this year's event is "Counselors Not Cops."

We are forming a Trust Circle and inviting those who influence families and others in the community to form a support coalition. How do we collaborate and become a community of care no matter what position we are in? One way is to build relationships and make commitments of support to each other. How do we take all that we are doing and put in an hour or two each week, every other week or month to create a community of care. This means figuring out how we can support families especially those who could be on the path to failure. Join Portland Parent Union, our parents and families, community leaders, partners, and students as we engage in a trust circle, community building, dialogues, relationship building, panels, and mini-workshops. All are welcome. Find out more about the event on the PPU FB event page and register here. Lunch will be provided. Donations are much appreciated.

The Rally and March will begin at the former elementary school, Harriet Tubman, with a remembrance of the school from community members. The video below is just a sample of how the girls who would have attended Harriet Tubman felt marginalized by its closing. As Portland Public Schools plans for the future of our children, we want to be able to say, "The children -- all the children -- are well."

Jada Commodore's passionate plea to keep Harriet Tubman open.

Education is Our Right Rally and March

August 17th 6:00 -- 7:30 PM

King School

4906 NE 6th Avenue, Portland


PPS Administration Building

501 N Dixon, Portland

Let us know you are coming here.

Education is Our Right Day of Action

August 18th 9:00 -- 5:00 PM

Concordia University

2811 N Holman, Portland

Let us know you are coming here.

We hope to see you there!

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