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How Safe Are You in a Wireless World?

During the first couple of weeks in June, Dafna Tachover will be touring Oregon to speak about the harmful health effects of wireless radiation. I have written about safety concerns regarding children in schools here, here and here. But the harmful effects of WiFi radiation do not stop at the school house gate. What are the consequences of living in a wifi-charged world? Is there cause for concern?

We Are The Evidence founder Dafna Tachover thinks there is.

She is an attorney both in New York and in Israel who received her degree in the UK. She also has an MBA and has had a diverse international legal and business career. She gained a technical understanding of wireless networks and infrastructures as a communications and computer officer in the Israeli Defense Forces where she was the commander of the computer center for their Operations Center and Headquarters.

In 2009, she developed electromagnetic sensitivity from wireless technology radiation. Since then, she has dedicated herself to exposing the epidemic of sickness caused by this technology; to protecting the rights of the injured; to eradicating the misrepresentation that wireless technology is safe; and to pursuing those who betray the public’s trust. She has also been fighting against the deployment of Wi-Fi in schools. Her work includes public speaking engagements, educating the medical profession, generating media initiatives and interviews, lobbying, consulting and litigation. She is one of the leading global advocates on this topic.

The city of Ashland has taken the lead in challenging the installation of a 5G cell tower at Southern Oregon University. They've drafted a letter template for citizens to modify and send to the City Council and other officials. The text of the letter follows:

Call to Ashland City Council:

Request for a moratorium on the installation of the new 5G cell tower going up at SOU.

Letter from _______________ to Ashland City Council;

Moratorium on the 5G Verizon tower at SOU

Dear Mayor Stromberg, Council Members Morris, Rosenthal, Seffinger, and Slattery, Bachman and Jensen, Planning Dept, and Public Works,

As a resident of Ashland, I am requesting a moratorium on the approved permit for the 5G cell tower at SOU for at least 90 days so citizens can respond. As well, I am requesting a moratorium on any new radiation emitting devices being installed on Jackson County property.

There is a serious breach in the Oregon Public Health Code, which must be addressed before installation of the cell tower at SOU begins. Further, the research is pointing toward catastrophic outcomes (see below), with the healthy futures of all Jackson County, Ashland and SOU residents becoming seriously jeopardized.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Below are documents that support the moratorium.

Sincerely, ____________________

Other communities around the state have asked Ms. Tachover to speak about her experiences. She will be in Portland at Multnomah County Library June 9th and at Concordia University June 7th. Register for free teickets at Eventbrite.

To find an event near you, check our Facebook page. To schedule an event June 3rd - 16th, contact us at paaoregon@gmail.com.

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