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"The Invisible Heart" of Social Impact Bonds

A new age of indentured servitude is upon us. Most of us won't even know we have unwittingly become enslaved until the contracts have already been signed. Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) aka Pay for Success (PFS) schemes are the new cure-all for everything that ails society -- from homelessness to early childhood learning to healthcare and more. The wealthy will solve all our problems for a handsome return on investment. Sign now, pay later. How do Pay for Success investments work? A new documentary, The Invisible Heart, promises to unmask the "devil in the details" of social impact investing.

The Invisible Heart

"What happens when capitalism and charity intersect? From Wall Street to life on the street, The Invisible Heart tracks the birth of one of the fastest growing social innovations in modern history: social impact bonds. An unorthodox marriage between government services and private-sector investments, this burgeoning financial model promises to solve society’s most complex problems, from crime to homelessness—but is it delivering? Set in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K, this compelling documentary follows the unlikely people banding together to battle social inequality."

Below are very short excerpts from the film that premieres in Vancouver, Canada, May 8th, 2018. Check back with us soon for a screening near you.

The Invisible Heart (2:02 m)

Are SIBs making a difference or just a profit? (0:24 m)

Who profits from SIBS? (0:29 m)

Growing the US SIB Market (0:21m)

The Invisible Heart to social reform what Waiting for Superman what was to public school reform, a propaganda piece? Or, does it offer a critical eye to a new financial process that seems to have the wealthy salivating? We'll soon see.

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