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Screen-Free Week is here!

Shared with permission from Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood:

From April 30 – May 6, thousands of schools, community groups and families will turn off their ad-supported devices and rediscover life beyond the screen! The idea of a whole week without screens can be daunting, but year after year, kids and families report great results. Like 11-year-old Telan, whose Alaska school went screen-free together:

“When I got home, my mom and dad said we weren’t allowed to watch TV, use the computer or any electronics for the whole week. Surprisingly, my siblings and I barely fought because we had nothing to fight about. We did so many fun things together and learned a lot about each other in school and out.”

Or Meghan Delman, a parent who discovered new things about her kids and herself:

“I realized how many games the kids could play with each other that I thought they needed me to help facilitate. I wasn’t giving them enough credit and that was great as a parent to acknowledge and grow upon.”

There are Screen-Free Week events all around the world, at libraries, schools, and museums, like the Original Children’s Playhouse Museum in Frederick, MD, which is partnering with 7 elementary schools to help 3,000 kids unplug and play!

Here are activities planned in Oregon. Add in comments any activity happening in your community that is not listed here:

  • Hermiston is celebrating Screen-Free Week on May 3! From 4:30-7:00 p.m., come to downtown Hermiston for a picnic, including crafts and games!**

  • Live Longer Lebanon is encouraging Lebanon residents to participate in Screen-Free Week, and will be hosting a speaker on May 1, from 2-3 p.m., at Think Brain Candy Books and & Tea who will share ideas on going screen-free.**

  • North Mountain Park Nature Center in Ashland is expecting over 150 children to visit on field trips and screen-free exploration.

Celebrating is easy – just unplug! Use CCFC social media images including FB posts, tweets, and images to let everyone know you’re signing on. And when the week is over, send your photos, reflections, and stories to ccfc@commercialfreechildhood.org.

Future Dates: 2019: April 29 - May 5 2020: May 4 - May 10

Happy Screen-Free Week!

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