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And the Award Goes to . . . Sheila Warren

On this day of celebration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 2018, Sheila Warren accepted the Martin Luther King Lifetime Achievement Award. I was honored to stand with Sheila, her family, including her attentive granddaughter who busily snapped photos throughout the occasion, as well as supporters of Portland Parent Union, who surrounded her as she took the stage to encourage everyone to become involved in the community.

The ceremony was part of the “Where Do We Go from Here?” Celebration of Martin Luther King at Highland Christian Center. Many prominent speakers were joined by entertainers from various schools and community groups. It was a joy to be there.

You may view the entire program here. Sheila appears at the 2:27:27 time stamp.

Sheila takes the stage accompanied by her husband Ronnie who is always and forever by her side, supporting her efforts.

Delivering her remarks on the big screen, Sheila looks almost surreal as she mentions several of the efforts she is involved with including Portland Parent Union, People Celebrating People, Community Healing Network, and Dignity in Schools Campaign. She urged everyone to find something they are passionate about and become involved in community service.

Sheila accepts her award as a 2018 recipient of the Martin Luther King Lifetime Achievement Award.

Family and friends stand with Sheila in appreciation of her service after she accepted the award..

Later that day, after the ceremony, I was surprised and delighted to find that a recently discovered video of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was being replayed on Democracy Now. It was filmed in London in 1964 just four days before he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. At this moment in our country's history, when our leaders are so lacking in moral decency and commitment to civil rights of all but the ultra rich, it was just what I needed to hear. It's everything that our present day discourse is not. It's thoughtful. It's erudite. It's uplifting. It was first shown in 2015, but I had never seen it before. I'm sharing it here because these words of Dr. Martin Luther King are just as relevant today as ever. Upon listening you may wonder as I do how we could have veered so far from the dream. A full transcript can be found here.

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