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Education Legislative Action Items -- Multnomah Democratic Party

The education committee of the Multnomah Democratic Party authored this list of legislative action items. The committee consists of Mary Thamann, Deb Mayer, Paul Eck, Jan Eck, David Crandall, and chair, Margi Brown. The committee is pleased to share its work with other counties. For a printable version of this document, click here.

Article II. Education

  1. We support corporate tax revisions and financial services transaction fees that dedicate monies to secure full funding of the Oregon Quality Education Model.

  2. We recommend reducing class sizes to numbers based on reliable age-based research studies. In addition, the state funding formula needs to be adjusted to promote more equitable class sizes across the state.

  3. We strongly encourage the State of Oregon to withdraw from the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SBAC), at every grade level, and adopt its own high-quality standards and assessments that keep PreK-12 education student-centered. In addition, we strongly encourage the state of Oregon to withdraw from the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and establish developmentally and culturally appropriate educational standards at all grade levels.

  4. We strongly support critical race theory initiatives, culturally relevant curriculum, and restorative practices.

  5. We support the requirement that all publicly funded education institutions be accredited and adhere to federal and state laws.

  6. We recommend that Oregon direct education funding to strengthen our public schools and deny public funding for the expansion of private charter and for-profit schools, vouchers of all types, experimental Edtech programs, and other schemes that weaken public schools while accelerating the privatization of public education.

  7. We recommend that parents be notified and involved in the decision to adopt Edtech programs in their districts and we urge the state to adopt the screen time recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics to inform Edtech decisions.

  8. We recommend that parameters be set on the types of personal student data collected and stored in the Statewide Longitudinal Database (SLD), that data be adequately protected, and that an audit be performed to establish a baseline and monitor the rising cost of maintaining the SLD in future years.

  9. We recommend that adequate funding be appropriated for every Oregon student to be able to attend public college, university or other post-secondary training tuition-free.

  10. We recognize that poverty is a systemic problem embedded in society at large and that schools can be responsive in addressing it. Therefore, we recommend that funding be invested in PreK-12 wrap-around services including: mentoring, after-school programs, counselors, and other programs that have been proven effective in assuring student success.

  11. We support adequate funding of a full range of programs and services for all grade levels, including: art, music, physical education, library services, civics, counseling, health services, and alternative education opportunities.


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