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PAA Parent Survey 2017

Some of our nation’s leaders claim to know what parents care about. They use the term “parental choice” to promote privatization of our public school system through charter schools and vouchers. Their agenda depends on the idea that parents want to shop around for a school the way we do for a cell phone provider.

We do not agree with this characterization of parents’ interests and concerns. We have prepared this brief survey to hear directly from parents about what really matters to you in public education. We will share this information with our elected officials and other policy makers, and we will continue to work to make parents real voices heard in decision making that affects our children’s education.

Click on the image below to take the survey.

At the end of the survey, we will list links to some of our resources that you might find useful. You may choose to follow an anonymous link to subscribe to our newsletter. You will also be able to leave contact information to register for our prize drawing or send us a message. Details about these offers will follow the survey. You can also access them here:

  • Resources for parents on topics covered in the survey here.

  • Subscribe to our newsletter here.

  • Win prizes! Details about the contest for survey takers here.

We have tried to keep this survey brief to respect your time. There are spaces for your written comments which are optional, but they will help us make a clearer and more accurate report. Look for our survey report near the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.

The survey is open to anyone who cares about public education. There will be a question at the end asking if you are a parent or another category of survey-taker.

Thank you!


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