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Senator Arnie Roblan and Stand for Children Talk Measure 98

Senator Arnie Roblan and Stand for Children's David Rosenfeld defend their positions for funding or not funding Measure 98 on X-Ray in the Morning May 1, 2017. What is fascinating about this exchange is the idea that Stand forCchildren, a private corporation, can spend a few million of its own dollars to fraudulently promote a pet project, offer no source of funding, and then strong arm the Oregon legislature to fund it even when it has no money to spend on new projects.

"Until we get a revenue package and some funding, we should not fund 98."

Stand for Children is asking for $300 million dollars per biennium with no sunset on this program. That could add up to billions in decades to come. Why should a small private corporation -- Stand for Children -- that owes its existence to billionaire donors, dictate how Oregon spends its education funding? Stand for Children has so much power in the Oregon Department of Education that this practice passes as normal. The parent voice is lost.

Click on the Xray image to listen. The program starts at the 43:00 timestamp.

Jefferson Smith, quoting Senator Arnie Roblan, says, "Until we get a revenue package and some funding, we should not fund 98."


Parents can be heard by sending a message to Arnie Roblan to show your support for not funding Measure 98 as written. If M98 is funded at all, school districts should be able to spend that funding according to the needs of their schools.

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