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Edtech testimony

Edtech -- and other endearing terms for placing students in front of computers or other screen devices to learn

The only thing personalized about "personalized learning" is the amount of time a student is allowed to finish a lesson.

The State Board of Education likes to call it "personalized learning" --anytime, anywhere learning. It requires placing a child in front of a computer, tablet, or smartphone to read content and take a test before moving on to the next module. The preferred term for those who care about teaching to whole child is Edtech. Listen to the PAA webinar Stop the Edtech Juggernaut or access a presentation that you can share with other parent groups, Is Edtech the Future of Education?

Below is my three minute testimony to the State Board of Education. It was preceded by a parent's concerns about "personalized learning" for his children. Salam Noor seemed genuinely surprised that parents may want to have a say in this paradigm shift from traditional classroom teaching and learning to a computer-based curriculum delivery system that may or may not require licensed teachers. The Oregon DOE has been been signing off on costly contracts with Edtech providers without the knowledge or consent of Parents.

Edtech testimony PDF

Personalized learning or Edtech testimony starts at the 2:04:50 mark and ends at 2:18:40. Ross, Rachel, and Deb testify.

Edtech – Deb Mayer, Parents Across America Oregon March 23, 2017

Parents Across America Oregon is a grassroots organization that connects parents of all backgrounds across the United States to share ideas and work together to improve our nation's public schools. PAA Oregon is a chapter of PAA. With 46 chapters in 30 states, our collaborative efforts have shown success in protecting our public schools in these trying times.

For several years Oregon has been making strides to privatize our public schools. The legislature began by defunding education, getting rid of the elected Secretary of Public Instruction, and staffing the Department of Education with practically anyone or anything but educators. Then Oregon adopted the Common Core State Standards and costly high stakes standardized tests. This new endeavor, personalized or digital learning, is the latest incantation in the process. It is most commonly called Edtech. It is the next step in a well-orchestrated plan to replace teachers with computers and curriculum with mind-numbing canned lessons and endless formative, interim, and summative tests. Also, a multimillion dollar state-wide longitudinal data system has been created to collect endless amounts of data on our children without much regard to their privacy.

The state has rather stealthily been signing off on million-dollar contracts with vendors and organizations that will deliver the Edtech. This has been done without the knowledge or consent of parents, teachers, or students. This is important because Edtech is dangerous on many levels. The harm caused by this paradigm shift resulting from this so-called “innovation” cannot be overstated. The state of Oregon is setting our kids up for the most unstable education and economy imaginable. If you think the Opt-Out movement was disruptive, wait until parents, and especially students, find out about Edtech. I don’t know at this point how many legislators are complicit in the selling out of our children’s futures, but we will find out. Without discussion, without debate, this decision has been made for us. We will not sit idly by while the state turns our children into robots.

For more information about Edtech, visit the PAA Oregon website, paaoregon.org. Our group will make presentations to share information.

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This video is featured on the U.S. Department of Education website. Data is being collected on our children by companies like Knewton. We are paying millions of dollars to analyze and store data collected on our children. Did you know that?

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This may seem like a fantasy, but it's real. The Ledger is a real thing. It is being promoted by Harvard University, American College Testing, and Institute for the Future. Are we being set up for the most unstable economy imaginable?

Later in the day, when asked exactly what was meant by "personalized learning" Salam Noor said the Oregon department of education had no definition of personalized learning.

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