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Is Edtech the Future of Education?

The following presentation was originally presented at the 2016 Teaching for Social Justice Conference at Madison High School in Portland Oregon. It is the culmination of research by members of Parents Across America and its affiliates. We are providing it for use by parents and teachers to educate others about the myth of personalized learning in the form of edtech or digital learning. Feel free to use the entire presentation or edit it to meet your needs.

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Learning Lab at Rocketship Si Se Puede Academy in California

EdTech—The Future of Education?

EdTech—known by terms such as personalized, student-centered, mastery, and competency-based learning—is being touted as the latest education innovation. The concept is not new, but the delivery structure being quietly put into place represents a paradigm shift that will change everything, including the concept of school and opportunities for future employment. Should we increase student screen time, replace teachers with packaged lessons delivered by digital devices, and continuously test students while data-mining the results? The massive and growing use of EdTech is displacing valuable elements of schooling without providing clear benefits, and threatening our children’s right to a healthy and educationally appropriate school environment. What is our role in determining how our children learn?

Deb Mayer is a parent, retired educator, and education activist. She is the founder and director of Great Schools for America, a co-founder of Oregon Save Our Schools, and on the board of Portland Parent Union, Parents Across America, and Parents Across America Oregon.

Catherine Carroll is a parent, retired teacher librarian with a Masters in Education/Special Education. She is a co-founder of Oregon Save Our Schools, a member of Parents Across America Oregon and Ending the New Jim Crow, a social justice group founded by First Unitarian Universalist Church of Portland.

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