• Author Deb Mayer

VOTE NO on 98 Flyer

The public rollout of Measure 98 has been deceptive to say the least. So much attention has been given to M97 that M 98 has been literally ignored. Stand for Children has single-handedly championed the measure by spending more than $5 million of mostly dark money donated by millionaires and billionaires. Why are the uber rich so interested in how Oregonians spend their education dollars? We should search for some answers before blithely voting YES on a measure that would give local control of education funding to the state -- and most likely Stand for Children, Inc.

When Parents Across America Oregon offered to debate the YES on 98 campaign on the measure, SFC surrogates refused saying that we weren't credible opposition. There are many reasons to VOTE NO on 98, not the least of which is their arrogance and refusal to even engage in a public conversation on the merits (or lack thereof) of the measure. Here are several more.

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