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Vote NO on 98!

Stand for Children has a reputation for bad behavior. Whether it's CEO Jonah Edelman delightfully boasting about eviscerating Illinois' teachers unions, buying school board elections in major cities like Indianapolis, Nashville, Denver, or buying judges in Washington state, Stand for Children causes chaos wherever it lurks. So what, you may ask, do those good-natured ne'er-do-wells at Stand have in mind for Oregon's unsuspecting children? My guess is ballot measure 98. The idea is to tell folks they need a fund for vocational training like wood shop and auto shop to keep struggling kids in school and make sure they graduate. Who can argue with that? Oh, but the measure doesn't really favor that at all.

What is M 98 all about? Most probably, Stand is not promoting VocTech or CTE. but EdTech. Basically, students sit in front of a screen and complete assignments on a computer. A teacher-like person keeps records and lets them know when they can progress to the next assignment. In order to make it work, schools need many more computers.

Why is Stand for Children spending millions to pass M 98? Read more about it here. For a printable version of this flyer, click on the image.

What does EdTech look like? Watch below.

It may be hard to believe, but Oregon has already bought into this through the Business Education Compact, Institute for Personalized Learning, and other contracts. EdTech, euphemistically referred to as "personalized learning," is the goal. What the state is proposing is an entire parading shift in the way we learn and work and live. The state is quietly laying a framework without parent or public knowledge, input, or approval. Could funding this effort be what Stand has in mind for Oregon's children? Vote No on M 98!

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