• Deb Mayer

Measure 97 Is Heaven

Save the date! September 27th

M 97, M 98, M 99. Yes? No? So many education measures, so little time. What's a voter to do?

Save the date! September 27th, 2016, Oregon Center for Public Policy and League of Women Voters will present a forum on the positive affects the passage of Ballot Measure 97 may have on our public schools. Smaller class sizes, more libraries and librarians, the return of music, art, P.E., field trips, recess, and counselors are just some of the great things that can be accomplished with the adequate funding the measure will provide.

Become part of the conversation. Bring your ideas and questions to the discussion. Voice your opinions and concerns. How can we provide the quality public education all of Oregon's children deserve?

#Educationfunding #M97 #OCCP

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