• Author Deb Mayer

Audit the SBAC

PAA Oregon received a phone call from the Secretary of State’s office this week. It was in response to Pat Eck’s letter relating to the use of statewide summative assessments – SBAC -- in Oregon. As of this date an audit team has been formed. According the caller, Caroline Lavitroski, Sherrone Blasi will be heading the team.

The audit comes as a result of House Bill 2713 sponsored by Representatives Lew Frederick and Shemia Fagan. The bill requires the state to:

Gather information on the fiscal, administrative, and educational impacts of the statewide summative assessments on the public schools of this state, including the impacts on instructional time, curricula, educators' exercise of professional judgment, budgets and administrative time and focus.

When asked whether the team would be giving progress reports as the study continued, the answer was that the study would be public September 15, 2016. No information would be forthcoming before that date although we are welcome to check in periodically to affirm that progress is being made. We intend to do just that.

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