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Parents Across America Oregon is a chapter of the national organization Parents Across America. Currently, we are one of 36 chapters and affiliates in 23 states across the nation.  We are parents, teachers, grandparents, and community members united in advocacy for the very excellent public schools our children deserve. 




Parents Across America Oregon (PAA Oregon) is a non partisan, non-profit grassroots network dedicated to bringing parent voices together to protect, preserve, and promote a quality public school system that is essential to our democracy.




In 2015, PAA Oregon was founded by a group of parents and grandparents active in their communities who recognized the need to collaborate for positive change rather than remain isolated in local battles. Since the top-down forces that are imposing their will on our schools have dominated both state and local education policy with little input from parents, we are vigilant and passionate in our resolve to advocate for the quality public schools our children deserve..




The parent perspective has been almost entirely missing in the policy proposals being imposed on school districts across the state. We see many practices that have been perpetrated across the nation focused on increased privatization such as coerced adoption of Common Core State Standards, high stakes testing, test-based teacher evaluations, excessive student data collection, and other troubling practices cropping up here in Oregon. These ideas are not based on solid research and are not supported by most parents.


PAA Oregon advocates for proven, progressive practices such as: a child-centered curriculum, a strong parent voice in school decision making, quality multiple assessments, adequate social services, and reduced class sizes. Read our postion paper on a Quality Education at the PAA website.


PAA Oregon serves as a network for parents and others to share their concerns, activities, and strategies. We equip parents with the tools they need to advocate for progressive policies at the local and state level in Oregon.

How do I join PAA Oregon?

If you are ready to commit to the endeavor to provide our children with the excellent public education they deserve, click on the button below to join PAA Oregon. 

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